AC007 - Quick Install-Recce Car Kit

The quick install kit bundles a windscreen suction mount with a custom G-Series wiring loom pre-wired with a cigarette lighter power adaptor and handheld reset switch. When combined with the G-Series' GPS capabilities, the kit makes temporary installation of a distance measuring instrument (DMI) into any vehicle fast and hassle free. This is ideal for sharing one unit between several vehicles, or quick installation into a temporary rental vehicle where a hard wired connection is un-economical.

Note: This kit is also used by rally co-drivers on reconnaissance of the racing stages to make accurate distances in their pacenotes which describe the road to the driver. Hence it is called the 'Recce Car Kit' by these drivers. Currently this kit, combined with a Monit G-Series measuring instrument, is also used by drivers in the World Rally Championship (WRC).


Wire Length: 1600mm
Total Weight: 230g
Monit Quick Install kit with suction mount and cigarette lighter adaptor