A range of accessories are available to enhance the functionality and assist in the simple installation of your Monit distance measuring instrument (DMI).

AC001 - Spare Wiring Loom (G-Series)

Back of Monit tripmeter loom showing connector Use the spare loom if your original loom is lost or damaged, or you want to share a Monit tripmeter between two different vehicles.
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AC002 - Wiring Extension Kit

Monit tripmeter wiring extension kit Use to extend the distance between a speed sensor and the Monit road survey tripmeter. The kit includes both a 1m and a 2m extension lead
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AC003 - Foot Reset Switch

Monit rally computer reset switch This robust metal foot switch can be used to perform many useful functions such as clearing the distance counters, or freezing the display.
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AC004 - Door Mount Bracket

Door mount bracket with Monit tripmeter The aluminium door bracket provides an easy way to permanently mount a Monit surveying tripmeter to the door of your vehicle. Suits both left and right hand drive configurations.
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AC005 - Dashboard Mount Bracket

Dash mount bracket with Monit tripmeter This high quality aluminium bracket is a simple way to permanently mount a Monit to surveying tripmeter to the dash board of your vehicle.
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AC006 - Windscreen Suction Mount

Suction mount bracket with Monit rally computer Ideal for temporary installations or to allow for easy concealment when not in use. The windscreen suction mount is fitted with a strong suction cup for quick installation.
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AC007 - Quick Install-Recce Car Kit (G-Series)

Connectors of recce kit Combines a windscreen suction mount with a cigarette lighter power adaptor wiring loom that includes a hand reset switch. The Quick Install Recce Car Kit allows for easy installation of a Monit G-Series running on the GPS, perfect for sharing between vehicles.
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