Two distance counters and showing pre-setting a distance
Monit 5-digit calibration screen with easy-to-use instructions
Auxiliary inputs showing clear total, freeze and reverse
Monit display freeze function
Monit display pausing function
Monit display reverse function
Stopwatch, speed measurement, maximum speed features
Performance timers on auto-start

Accurate Distance Counters.

Two independent distance counters can be quickly cleared to zero, or pre-set to an initial value using the simple menu system or the built-in shortcut key. The counting direction (up or down) can be changed, and the resolution can be selected in the menu, with options of reading to the nearest 1m or the nearest 10m, allowing maximum flexibility for your road measurement task.
As the counter value increases the decimal point automatically adjusts to allow measurement of very large distances.

Information can be displayed in miles or kilometres, and switching between units is easy in the straight-forward menu system.

Careful Precision.

Using a 5 digit calibration value ensures superior accuracy over competitors, allowing exact calibration of high pulse rate sensors without the rounding errors that 3 and 4 digit capable units can introduce.

Calibration itself is automatic and simple to follow with on screen instructions. When running on GPS only, or GPS+ mode, calibration is not required. GPS co-ordinates can be displayed for further assistance in highway asset location.

Auxiliary Inputs.

Up to two auxiliary buttons or switches can be attached to the G-100 and the function of these switches are selectable via the menu system.

Options include; freezing the display, pausing the counters, clearing total counter, clearing interval counter, changing the counting direction, stopwatch control, and display mode cycle.

Freeze, Pause, Count Up or Down.

Using an auxiliary input switch the information displayed can be frozen on the screen. The counters still count in the background so when un-frozen the display will jump to the current distance, perfect for taking a measurement mid-intersection without stopping. The pause function actually stops the distance incrementing and can be useful for allowing the vehicle to go temporarily off route without having to re-start measurements from the beginning.

Counting direction can be changed via an aux switch or the menu. Automatic distance reversal can be activated by correctly wiring one of the auxiliary inputs to the reverse sensor of the vehicle.

Speed, Maximum Speed and Stopwatch.

A powerful speed measurement system lets you view precise vehicle speed displayed real-time in either Kph or Mph. A handy speed recorder allows you to recall the maximum speed which can be cleared as, and when, required.

The built-in precision stopwatch removes the need for additional timing gear and provides accurate timing for any job requirements. The handy timer is easy to start, stop and reset, and can also be controlled via an auxiliary input for added convenience.

Performance Measurement.

At Monit we also make tripmeters for use in motorsport, in fact we are the leading rally computer company and supply to most of the top rally teams. So while not needed for road survey or highway engineering work, the G-100 does include a 0 – 100Kph timer. The smart timer starts automatically when the vehicle begins rolling and stops once the target speed is achieved.