Specifications and dimensions of Monit

Size & Weight:

Width 116mm
Height 57mm
Thickness 20mm
Weight (unit only) 100 grams
Mounting bosses 2x M4


  • 2.9inch (diagonal) transflective type 128x64 pixel liquid crystal display with high contrast fluid.
  • Bright white LED backlight with dimming control.
  • Anti-glare film with scratch proof coating.

Electrical & Operating Requirements:

Operating Voltage 10-16V nominal
Operating Current 20-120mA
Standby Current <5mA
Operating Temperature -10 to 70 deg C
Storage Temperature -20 to 80 deg C

Manuals & Guides:

(EN) G-Series Operating Manual.pdf (290kb)

GPS Antenna:

Note: An antenna is not included and must be purchased separately if GPS functions are required.

  • PR004 Magnetic Mount Antenna
  • PR005 Bulkhead Mount Antenna

Speed Sensors:

  • PR001 Inductive Wheel Probe
  • PR002 Speed Sensor Interface
  • PR003 ABS Interface

Compatible Accessories:

  • AC001 Spare Wiring Loom
  • AC002 Wiring Extension Kit
  • AC003 Foot Reset Switch
  • AC004 Door Mount Bracket
  • AC005 Dashboard Mount Bracket
  • AC006 Windscreen Suction Mount
  • AC007 Quick Install/Recce Car Kit